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Prices and Subscription

Please go ahead and subscribe to the J o u r n a l  Phänomenologie. Subscriptions are on an annual basis: You will get two issues per year (ie. June and December), about 100 pages each.

Regular subscription
EUR 23.00
plus shipping costs

Grant subscription
EUR 33.00 or more
plus shipping costs

Subscriptions by subscription agencies
EUR 33.00
plus shipping costs

Single copy
EUR 13.00
plus shipping costs

Shipping costs

Within Germany: EUR 2.00 per delivery
Outside Germany: EUR 3.50 per delivery

Shipping subscriptions costs EUR 4.00/7.00 a year.
Deliveries containing more than two copies may be charged with additional postage depending on the fees of Deutsche Post AG.
Destinations outside Austria will usually be supplied from Germany.

You can subscribe by one of the following means:

If you want to purchase single copies, use our second online-form to get a single copy.

Please note that subscriptions can only start with the calendar year. So please let us know if you want to begin your subscription in the current year or as of next year.

Book sellers and subscription agencies: Compared to other journals in this field, the Journal Phänomenologie is (intentionally) very inexpensive. The revenues we get from subscriptions are only sufficient to pay for the printing and distribution of each issue. So we hope you understand that we cannot afford to give a discount to book sellers and subscription agencies.

Bank accounts

Germany: Sparkasse Bochum
Account number: 334 072 89
IBAN: DE75 4305 0001 0033 4072 89

Austria: BAWAG P. S. K.
Account number: 930 423 43
IBAN: AT87 6000 0000 9304 2343

Payee in both cases: Gruppe Phaenomenologie

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